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Amouroud extends collection

Oud After Dark & Agarwood Noir exclusive Harrods launch

Aspects Beauty are thrilled to launch into the Harrods Black Hall two new fragrances from the distinctive Amouroud collection.

Featuring a "dipped in gold" cube site in the central perfumery hall, Oud after Dark is a seductive combination of rare Oud and intense florals, while Agarwood Noir is a surprising and haunting combination of woody and smoky notes, combined with powerful florals. The on-counter launch was timed with a press event from across the media spectrum, held in the luxurious Harrods Interiors Lounge, beautifully dressed with flowers by Rebel Rebel.

The most commercially successful Amouroud fragrances in Harrods have been the ones where nothing else like it exists in the Black Hall, and so it is with much anticipation that these new fragrances debut to an already strong-performing Niche brand. 

With Turkish Rose & sweet Tobacco, Oud After Dark is an unrivalled blend that is both enigmatic & sensual, while Agarwood Noir is a soft composition with resins, balsams & Olibanum. The success for us with Amouroud has been to extend the customer base into non-traditional Oud wearers, and to reposition Oud as a fragrance family underpinning different olfactories, which appeal to a broader consumer palette.

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