Custodians of luxury fragrance brands


Founded by Dante Trussardi in 1911, the Trussardi brand is steeped in a century of luxury glove-making tradition. A byword for Italian excellence, discreet sophistication and experimentation, the high-quality raw materials and constant refinement of leather working techniques made Trussardi an official purveyor to the British monarchy.

To celebrate 100 years of Trussardi, a new generation of fragrances was launched: Trussardi Donna and Trussardi Uomo. This was followed by Trussardi Uomo The Red, to sit alongside the brand’s pillar range, accompanied by Black Extreme and Donna Eau de Toilette. In 2016, Middle Eastern inspired fragrance, Amber Oud, was launched in selected distribution, and in 2017 The Black Rose joined the collection, exclusively at Harrods.

Riflesso, is the evocative new launch for men. This woody oriental fragrance tells us to look back and reflect, rather than being caught up in today’s fast paced world.