Aspects Beauty and Brexit

The UK has now fully exited the EU, the transition period having been completed under the Withdrawal Agreement. The new trading agreement between the EU and the UK has also been agreed although there are still some transition measures in place at the border to allow a smooth transfer.

Aspects has been (sadly, because we are proud to consider ourselves European) preparing for this eventuality since 2016 and we believe that we have measures in place, as much as possible, to be able to accommodate the changes which are inevitable as a result of this alteration to the trading arrangements.

We have been working with our brand owners to ensure that all regulatory expectations relating to product safety and compliance with import requirements are fully realised.

We have also worked with freight forwarders and import agents and have in place all the necessary regulatory and fiscal formalities to enable brand owners and suppliers to continue exporting to our orders and avoid any import delays as much as possible. Obviously with the new processes not yet tested, we cannot anticipate every issue that might arise, but believe that we have stress tested most eventualities.

Adequate stock cover is in place to manage delays at the borders and to replace the earlier, just-in-time stock movement disciplines. This will continue to be monitored as the changes are implemented and we will flex our response based on the reality of the situation as it becomes apparent.

Changes are being phased in eventually, relating to ingredient and other product labelling, country of origin statements and REACH requirements. We have worked with third party specialists to help brand owners to ensure that all products we import as the importer of record and/or responsible person have been met or are in the process of being met in a timely manner. As brand owners develop new products, Aspects have in place protocols to ensure that the new products meet current and future UK regulations as, or if, they diverge from the European standards and requirements.

Aspects employs many staff in all areas of the business and we have worked with advisors to help employees and to ensure that all employees that have a right to remain and work in the UK have the appropriate permits. We are committed to supporting all staff who came to the UK to work and help them in their ambitions to remain and work in the UK, if at all possible.

There is no way of knowing what further changes the new arrangements may precipitate, but the Brexit Committee at Aspects will continue to monitor the situation, take advice from relevant experts and provide support and guidance to all stakeholders that might be impacted by the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

For further information, please contact Andrew Field for any compliance advice; Jason Woods for any operational advice or any member of the Aspects Board via the address.