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VIP Press event for JACK at Jovoy Perfumery - Mayfair

Founder Richard E Grant presented his fragrances to over 60 guests

Conduit Street was buzzing last week as Aspects Beauty welcomed the ever witty and charming film star Richard E. Grant to a VIP press evening at the Jovoy Perfumery on Conduit Street. Richard entertained journalists and customers alike with tales of growing up in Africa and how a childhood obsession with all things scented led him to create JACK – a very British scent collection from a very British actor. 

Each of the three fragrances celebrates London life and the rich tapestry of smells, sights and stories that have made this vibrant city so special to him throughout his rather extraordinary life. Thank you to François Henin, founder of Jovoy for graciously allowing us to hold the event in his stunning boutique, and to all of our guests who lit Instagram on fire with their snaps and selfies with the guest of honour.

To see images from the evening, click here.

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