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Prudence Paris in Harvey Nichols

Parisian chic lands in Knightsbridge

What is luxury? Is it the most expensive, the shiniest, the biggest, the loudest object money can buy? Or, is luxury made in small numbers, where you know how the product is made & every bottle has the creator’s personal touch, from start to end?

Prudence is such a perfume brand, with artisan at its heart. Lovingly home-made in limited quantities, from the delicate chemistry within each fragrance, to the hand-tied ribbons & the home-made paper. Each bottle is hand-finished, each carton hand-wrapped. This is how Aspects defines the meaning of luxury.

Inspired by travels, history, legacy, fine ingredients and the most important thing, their family, we are thrilled to launch two Prudence Paris collections into Harvey Nichols - the bejewelled Impéreale collection & the Monsieur range. Coinciding with our Sales Cycle day, the makers, Prue and Duncan, attended our brand immersion day to personally inspire & motivate our sales teams

To see photos of our brand immersion day, click here

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