Jim Jackson

19.09.1942 – 18.02.2021

In 1989 Jill Hill and Jim Jackson founded Aspects Beauty Company. The 18th February was a day of reflection for all of us here at the company, marking as it does, the anniversary of the death of our beloved, Jim Jackson, in 2021.

Many people know Jim’s story (he was never backward in telling it!). He was born into humble, even disadvantaged circumstances, during the Second World War. Despite this lack of advantage, he became a chorister and passed the 11+ before going on to grammar school. There, he was spotted by a clear-sighted master and was recommended to Unilever as a talent they might be able to develop. He became the youngest advertising manager in Unilever Port Sunlight and sat exams to enable him to develop a career in this field.

He embraced every opportunity and used his natural ability to learn, improve and develop himself. He was supported during this time by excellent managers and in due course, he was enrolled in a management training scheme before being sent around the world to learn about exporting, as well as developing marketing plans for Unilever’s subsidiaries. He lived in Nigeria for two years as part of that programme and on his return, moved to Unilever House, Blackfriars to work for Unilever Export. His career with Unilever led to him being a General Manager with UAC, with responsibility for developing young marketing talent in overseas subsidiaries of the organisation.

His skills acquired during his career stood him in good stead when, together with Jill, he founded what is now known as Aspects Beauty Company. He never forgot the disciplines he acquired nor his absolute faith in young, bright, creative, talented people - something that has been a hallmark of his approach at Aspects.

His support for employees, their family life, their sense of self-worth and achievement, their loyal service or their exceptional contribution was unstinting. He did things differently, but he did them with an open heart and a generosity that was unsparing. He never forgot how hard it was for him to achieve his success, remembering the support he received from his managers when he started out.

Aspects will remember Jim each year with a day of reflection by giving an extra day’s holiday in September, ideally to be taken on September 19th where possible, as this was his birthday. Our staff can spend that day working with a charity of their choice or undertaking work that helps other people for the day. It will be known as Jim’s Day and it is intended to be a day of action, a day to make a difference to someone somewhere.

To his family and friends, Jim’s warmth, love, adoration, encouragement, pride, fun-loving and sheer big heartedness will remain wrapped around their hearts forever and will shine as a beacon, an example, by which they will all live.

On February 18th this year, we had a day of reflection marking as it did the anniversary of Jim’s death. In the intervening seven months, we have been able to put into practice our thinking about how to commemorate Jim’s life. Read on to find out how.

Jim Jackson Foundation

Jim’s desire to level the playing field in life and improve the chances of those who may have been disadvantaged in some way, forms the inspiration for the establishment of a charity launched in his name, The Jim Jackson Foundation.

On September 19th, 2022, Jim Jackson would have been 80 years old and what an extraordinary mark he made during his 78 years on earth. Thanks to the creation of the Jim Jackson Foundation, Jim continues to make a difference to this day, even after his death. The Charity aims to help young people who have been unable to access a career in business due to various disadvantages.

September 2022 was known as Jimtember and along with colleagues and friends, we have worked hard to raise the profile, swell the funds and publicise the work the Foundation is setting out to do. From marathons to bake sales, sports days to sponsored walks it has been a hectic (and fun!) month of fundraising activity.