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Histoires de Parfum

The Histoires de Parfum collection of fragrances offers an olfactive library of scents designed to be read on the skin. Brand creator Gérald Ghislain takes his inspiration from famous characters, moments in history, poems and music. Drawing on his passions and his luxuriant imagination, Gérald brings stories to life through the sensitive and sensual medium of perfume.

Gérald is an epicurean, he tastes all of life's flavours and sprinkles the day to day with refined luxury. In his creative process he interprets the classic olfactive families in a new and exciting way, choosing unexpected components to ensure truly original and surprising results.

Originally founded in the year 2000, Histoires de Parfum has grown to encompass an extensive collection of rare and delicate perfumes: these perfumes, like Gérald himself, are rich in temperament and extremely romantic!