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Timeless and universal, Maege bears the name of a black and white Australian butterfly, evoking the beauty that nature is capable of producing. A tiny dose of the active ingredient is capable of generating prodigious effects on the skin - "anti-aging butterfly effect".

At the heart of the Maege formula is the SDKP molecule. This peptide is present in every living organism – human, animal and plant. Its actions include repairing damaged cardiac fibres and healing burned tissues. In addition to this, the SDKP also has the power to stimulate all the regulation and renewal mechanisms of healthy skin.

This revolutionary anti-aging line is composed of 4 products developed by Nicolas Rivière, pharmacist and scientific expert certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. His unique expertise in the anti-aging dermatology sector, allowed him to be at the origin of dermatological development in the field of injections.

The 4 product portfolio is made up of:

  • High Concentration Serum
  • Anti-Aging Eye Contour Serum
  • Multi-Correction Anti-Aging Cream
  • Multi-Correction Anti-Aging Cream Supreme

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