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Goldfield & Banks

The GOLDFIELD & BANKS AUSTRALIA story begins on the other side of the world. Founder Dimitri Weber set out on a journey to discover the curious, enigmatic land that he had heard so much about. Falling in love with Australia’s dramatic, contrasting landscapes, Dimitri set out to capture this extraordinary beauty and share it with the world in fragrance form.

That sense of discovery is the essence of GOLDFIELD & BANKS AUSTRALIA. This luxury perfume collection celebrates the unrelenting spirit of Australia, from the pristine beaches of the southern coastline to the endless red dirt plains of the desert heartland.

GOLDFIELD & BANKS AUSTRALIA also pays homage to Australia’s first botanist and naturalist Joseph Banks. A curious explorer and prodigious collector, Banks’ collection of Australian plants, seeds, insects, and wildlife was the first to reveal the vast botanical richness of the continent to the European world.

Channelling the spirit of this intrepid explorer GOLDFIELD & BANKS have gathered the finest ingredients from across the globe and brought them together with pure, natural essences drawn from the diverse and unique seeds, wood, flowers, lichen, resins, leaves and fruits of the Australian terrain. The perfumes are created in Australia, ensuring they maintain the highest levels of quality. Each one is meticulously crafted in consultation with a Melbourne-based, 5th-generation French perfumer from Grasse.

The result is a modern yet timeless range of luxury Australian perfume suitable for men and women.