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Actor Richard E Grant has been led by his nose for the whole of his life. Having aimed it at plates of food, linen, fruit, books, necks, flowers, cars and everything else in between, finally having a fragrance of his own was the realisation of a boyhood dream.

Jack, the signature scent in the collection, combines all of Richard's favourite ingredients - lime, marijuana, mandarin, vetiver, pepper, cloves and gardenias. These earthy, citrus elements combine to conjure up the hypnotic, unisex perfume that he imagined for so long.

Jack Covent Garden is an exuberant combination of ingredients that encapsulate the essence of the historic fresh fruit and vegetable market celebrated in My Fair Lady, and the traditional home of theatre in London. And Jack Piccadilly 69 captures the wide eyed wonderment of seeing the Eros statue and smelling the patchouli perfumed hippies during Richard's first visit to London. These heady memories in fragrant form have been described as a highly addictive 'visceral head rush'!