Custodians of luxury fragrance brands


The WIDIAN perfume house was founded by Ali Aljaberi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Creating original fragrances for those who dare to be different, the house of WIDIAN remains anchored to its roots and heritage. The Black Collection, created in association with renowned perfumer Jean-Claude Astier, is woven around a sequence of Arabian stories and events. The two Gold Collection fragrances use accords of the finest quality ingredients to take the wearer on a perfumed road trip to his or her deepest self. Finally the Velvet Collection offers a sensual oriental blend of floral fragrances that beautifully reflect this fusion of East and West.

With its sense of adventure, delight in the unknown and strong belief that all roads lead to home, WIDIAN is a splendid example of the contemporary Arab spirit. Beautifully modern fragrances that retain a thread of tradition.