Custodians of luxury fragrance brands


“Not every wine is a Grand Cru. The same is true for perfume.” – Sophie Berdoues, CEO

The house of Berdoues has been developing perfumed creations for more than a hundred years. A unique know-how and uncompromising approach to craftsmanship have made Berdoues pioneers in the field of colognes. Made from the finest raw materials these rare and precious blends, which have all the intensity of an EDP, are defined both by their incomparable quality and their geographical identity. Berdoues remains a family run company with the founders’ great-granddaughter, Sophie Berdoues, as the current CEO. The Grand Crus collection is Sophie’s brainchild and was created to pay homage to the family’s extensive history.

In July, Berdoues relaunched a fragrance from its archive, Violette. This new and modern blend is a vibrant addition to the history of Maison Berdoues.