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Jean Patou

Founded in 1914, Jean Patou was a pioneering Parisian couturier who created elegant Art Deco fashion & was responsible for modern women sportswear. Monsieur Patou liberated women by inventing the scandalous swimsuit & the first sporty tennis dress, which heralded a new era for women in sports. His most influential fragrance is Joy, created in 1929 as a response to the stock market crash which ushered in an era of depressed austerity. Advertised as "the costliest perfume in the world" because of its uncompromising quality of floral ingredients, including 10,600 Jasmine & 28 dozen roses to produce a single ounce of perfume. The fragrance was awarded the 2000 FiFi Awards as the ‘Scent of the Century’, beating Chanel No.5

"Joy yesterday, joy today & joy forever" - under the direction of in-house nose Thomas Fontaine, the launch of Joy Forever in 2013 is a revival fragrance which combines the original optimism & escapism for a new generation