Custodians of luxury fragrance brands


With a heritage dating back to the days of Louis XVIII, E.Coudray is a brand that is as desirable today as it was when it was first founded.

Paris born Edmond Coudray was a doctor-chemist who travelled the world in search of exotic raw materials, which he used to create fragrances, creams and soaps for European royalty. Today, E.Coudray’s beautiful, luxurious and long lasting formulations ensure that the fragrances are the perfect choice for perfume lovers who enjoy the comfort of tradition shot through with a dash of modernity.

As International Director Sylvie Dumontier explains, E.Coudray takes pride in offering high quality products that are ‘made to connect with the customer, rather than forcing the customer to connect with the product’.

New for 2017 is Rose Tubéreuse, a floriental fragrance built around fruity notes, created by master perfumer Cécile Zarokian.