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Originally created by Parisian perfumer Blanche Arvoy in 1923, the extraordinary fragrances from this world-renowned perfume house have been given new life in this captivating and unforgettable collection of scents.

François Hénin, owner of Jovoy Paris says, “I took the decision not to rework the original perfumes in their exact form, but instead chose to do exactly what Blanche would have done - make perfumes for my contemporaries. Each fragrance reveals a facet of the world I live in, exactly as Blanche did in her time.”

Using raw materials of the finest quality, chosen for their integrity and longevity, Jovoy’s new beautifully crafted perfumes and candles are contemporary, refined and unique. Setting the wearer on his or her own olfactory journey and delivering a multitude of sensory delights, these distinctive scents are a must for lovers of fine perfumery.