Custodians of luxury fragrance brands


Created by mother and daughter duo, Régine Droin and Cérine Vasseur, Evody’s distinctive fragrance collection is an absolute treat for perfume aficionados. A range of eight beguiling scents, each unique design communicates the very real stories and emotions that inspired the creators. From the intensely personal Cuir Blanc, designed for Cérine when she was pregnant with her first child, to the sparkling Zeste d’Or created for Régine’s husband, a man who had never previously worn fragrance.

Combining bewitching blossoms, exotic spices, ripe fruits and precious woods - Evody’s skillfully crafted fragrances capture the true essence of the art of perfumery, keeping the brand at the forefront of niche perfume design.

The latest range, the Collection d’Ailleurs, brings together 4 fragrances reflecting the richness of travel and the diversity of cultures. Through these new fragrances, Régine and Cérine are able to offer their personal interpretation of faraway places – an olfactory vision that links two of their passions: travel and, of course, perfume.