Custodians of luxury fragrance brands

About us

Our Story

Jill Hill and her husband Jim Jackson founded Aspects Beauty Company in 1989. They did so because they wanted to be part of a business which had a different approach, new ways to market, new ways of engaging with our clients, customers and brand owners. A difference which extended to the way we work, our employment practices and how we treat everyone.

Today, Aspects is the sum of all our experiences since we were founded. We regard ourselves as brand development experts, caring, nurturing and building luxury brands. Brand owners trust us with their brands, whether they are tiny and new or global and huge. Whatever we do in the company, our primary function is to champion the brands in our portfolio. We are proud to be representing all of these brands.

Our current Brands can be found on our Brand page, but in the past, we have been involved with many brands as distributors, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Bvlgari; we have created and managed retail shops for exclusive perfumes – from which our passion for niche perfumes grew; we have worked with famous names to help them develop their own line of perfumes; we have worked with skin care and make up as well.

If you would like to talk to Jill or Jim, we can be reached through the contact page, or call or e mail any of our Directors.

Our Values

We offer a bespoke service for your brand. Our mantra is to do it right. If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. We embrace change so when we become brand partners, we know your brand can thrive in our care. At Aspects Beauty, we take pride in being a family company.

  • We recognise that there is an advantage in being the size we are.
  • We respect the skills of employees and rely on their loyalty.
  • We treat clients’ business as though it were our own.
  • We deliver thoughtful, effective business solutions professionally.
  • We are unafraid of change and adapt ourselves to new circumstances.
  • We are confident & professional enough to evaluate & share performance and outcomes transparently & honestly.